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The global machine tool pattern has changed, and the domestic machine tool industry has been forced to transform.



The global machine tool pattern has changed, and the domestic machine tool industry has been forced to transform.

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The EMO exhibition has been regarded as one of the biggest and most influential professional events in the machine tool industry, and is regarded as one of the most important barometer of the global machine tool market demand and trend.
In October 2015, the China Machine Tool Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as machine tool association) organized for the first time in the past 25 years a group of 31 domestic enterprises to participate in the EMO exhibition. After coming back, not only did we have a preliminary judgement on the situation of the international machine tool market, but also a more intuitive view of its gap with the international advanced level.
Pattern change
Internationalization and specialization are the two characteristics of EMO exhibition.
According to the data, there are 1600 enterprises from 42 countries and regions, including 504 Italy exhibitors and more than 1000 other enterprises from other countries outside Italy, accounting for 2/3 of the total. According to the organizers' statistics, the 6 day exhibition will receive more than 15 visitors. Among them, the number of spectators in Italy reached more than 70 thousand, accounting for 48. 6%, the number of foreign audiences is nearly 80 thousand, accounting for 51. 4%.
Judging from the statistics, although the exhibitors in this exhibition were 500 fewer than the previous ones, the number of people attending the exhibition was 10 thousand, and the number of overseas audiences was more than 20 thousand. According to the analysis of the staff of the machine tool association, this is due to the gap between Italy and Germany's economic strength, and the impact of the European debt crisis in recent years. The size of the exhibition is slightly inferior to the Hannover exhibition. And the number of the exhibition is still significantly improved, and the audience professionalization is high and the quality is better. It is visible that the demand of the international machine tool market is still in a mild release, and the prospect is still expected.
In addition, the group members can clearly feel that the global distribution of machine tool tools and related industries is more concentrated. For example, from the source of the exhibitors, the exhibitors in Italy, Germany and Switzerland accounted for 62% of the total number of exhibitors; China, including Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, accounted for 21% of the total, and the concentration was higher than last time. It also reflected the fact that the global machine tool industry and its related industries were gradually concentrating on the 7 countries and regions in Europe and Asia.
Although the number of exhibitors in the United States, although there are 36, but the real meaning of the machine tool enterprises only Gleason, Hal, Haas and a few, such as Cincinnati, such a well-known company in such an important exhibition can not be seen. In recent years, some of the more famous machine tool enterprises in Eastern Europe and North America were deeply trapped in the plight of annexation, transformation and even bankruptcy. In particular, only two enterprises in Russia can participate in the exhibition, and can not help but worry about the long-term development of their related industries.
The situation of China's machine tool exhibitors has also changed greatly. Although the mainland has 109 exhibitors, it ranks fourth. But a few well-known large enterprise groups, such as in recent years in Hannover and Chicago, Germany, the Shenyang machine tools, Dalian machine tools, the north and other major domestic major enterprises, this is not exhibiting. On the contrary, some medium-sized enterprises or private enterprises are more active in this exhibition, such as the PASH Ning River, Zhejiang day hair (with its merger and acquisition of MCM company joint exhibition), Shandong Weida, Beijing sculpture, Zhuzhou diamond, Shanghai tools and so on. More exhibition is abrasive grinding tools and tool tool enterprises and trading companies, the total exhibition area also from the 2013 Hannover exhibition of 4300 square meters to about 2000 square meters.
In contrast, China's Taiwan area, because its machine tools mainly rely on exports, its metal processing enterprises in Europe market share is second only to Japan, so it is very important to similar major exhibition activities. Like the friend of Jia Jia from Taiwan, China, this group is exhibiting the exhibition area far beyond the de Ma Ji son precision machine, which is the top of the exhibition area. At this exhibition, Taiwan exhibitors exceeded 100 enterprises and exceeded mainland enterprises.
According to the statistics of the organizers of the exhibition, 3481 people from the mainland of China are visited. It is obvious that the domestic machine tool enterprises still pay much attention to the EMO exhibition, and there should be a lot of people to study and study.
According to the industry, China has been the world's largest machine tool market for 10 years. Despite the declining trend in recent years, China is still the largest machine tool consumer and the largest machine tool importer in the world.
Although relying on such a powerful market, China's machine tool industry has not made much progress in the machine tool export market so far. Although the machine tool industry in China has made great progress in the past 10 years, the high end machine tool field in the research and development of core basic technology still lacks sufficient discourse right and can not be squeezed into the first camp of international competition.
People in the industry believe that the domestic market demand declined in recent years, the cold side of the market revealed that the most significant decline in demand is the low-grade homogenization products, which made a part of the domestic machine tool enterprises have been impacted. But the reality also shows that in the last two years, the operation and expansion of the multinational companies in China and the contraction of local enterprises have formed a contrast, and the comparative advantage of the imported machine tools has also been expanded to some extent.
It can be seen that the market is fair and it will lead to the survival of the fittest. The upgrading and adjustment of the demand structure of the machine tool market in China has been quietly unfolding at the most difficult time of the middle and low end machine tool manufacturing enterprises, forcing the domestic machine tool manufacturing industry to upgrade for survival.
It is reported that the members of the group have generally felt a secret worry at the EMO exhibition in Milan, that is, the distance between the group and the world is widening.

New starting line?

For machine tool industry, intelligence is not a new word, and industry 4 is familiar to everyone. For example, the rise of industrial robots, such as the i5 series of Shenyang machine tools, is considered to be 4 with industry. 0 very good samples of concept fit degree.
In November 2015, Guan Xiyou, chairman of the Shenyang machine tool (Group) limited liability company, published a speech entitled "new industry change the mode of production of enterprises". He put forward the industry 4. The 0 change is no longer technology, but the emergence of new ways. Because human development to today, in fact, precision, speed and life as the core technology has reached the extreme. For example, the accuracy has reached nanoscale, network information transmission speed has reached milliseconds, picosecond and femtosecond level, the femtosecond level is the 1/200 world of blink of the eye, and then can not be subdivided. So industry 4. 0 is not the highly flexible intelligence that you all understand.
In his view, the current is a sharing of the economic age, and the intelligent manufacturing industry can achieve a distributed layout, hierarchical structure and shared economy. I5 machine tool is equivalent to Apple's IOS, the birth of the apple series products, at the same time the birth of the workshop management engineering, online factory and the logic of virtual and reality, Shenyang machine tool will also build the whole product life cycle management system, turn the machine into assets, assets into operation, become service.
He stressed that in the first five economic cycles, machine tool enterprises basically failed to catch up, and this time is a new historical opportunity for Chinese enterprises to stand in the same running line with the world for the first time, providing the possibility of overtaking the curve.
Indeed, many years of follow - up did not bring radical changes to China's machine tool industry.
It is reported that, at this exhibition, the main exhibitors show the basic level of hardware and software, automation and intelligence of control level, and the value realization of information sharing level. From product to concept, from theory to practice, from software to hardware, the trend of technology development is increasingly clear, key core technology has broken through repeatedly and intelligence The integrated application of measurement technology necessary for manufacturing equipment can be seen everywhere.
The key is to connect the control system to the manufacturing equipment, the connection of the equipment and the equipment, the connection of the equipment and the person, and the connection between the person and the data, whether it is "industrial 4" or the intelligent manufacturing plant we often say. The key to the connection between the two is the small objects, such as sensors, connectors, relays, and CPU, operating systems, networks and so on.
In these respects, the Chinese machine tool industry needs to make up for the homework. Perhaps in the business model and the integration of channels, we can advance rapidly with the help of the Internet, but the most fundamental of the product lies in the product itself, because everything else is generated around it, and it is the carrier of all service platforms. Of course, with the help of external resources and external forces, it is necessary to shoulder the advanced world and become an individual with independent discourse power. Ultimately, we must rely on ourselves.
Still remember that this year's CIMT in Beijing, the de Ma Ji son precision machine launched a new CELOS operating system platform and related functional software. In this way, users can not only directly generate processing code programs through 3D design software and post processing program directly on the CELOS platform, but also can achieve continuous management, document view, task sheet, processing process and display power of machine tool data through continuous improvement of APP application software.
At the same time, ma - Zi showed a new seventh generation CNC system MazatrolSmooth, which is based on smooth technology and emphasizes smooth and smooth processing, which can also improve the efficiency of the machine.
Since machine tools are defined as machine tools, efficiency and quality are two major indicators of assessment. Intelligence is the extension of service. With the help of these, the machine tools have achieved higher machining speed, machining efficiency, processing precision, smooth machine operation and higher quality surface finish, and make the operator more intuitive and concise, reducing the overall processing time.
Of course, the application of five axis processing technology and compound processing technology, automation of manufacturing technology, integration and so on, including efficient and comprehensive solutions become the tool applications to solve the common industrial application problems and practice their own ideas and ideas.
What makes the enterprise find that "the more chasing the farther, the more slow the more slow" may have the original basis, because the developed economies of the world have completed the industrialization at the stage of rapid economic development and formed a strong industrial base, thus having the possibility of turning to a higher economic development model. While the enterprise used to follow the tactics of tracking foreign technology and model for a long time, although it is effective, but when the domestic economy slows down and the competition between the two sides is intensifying, the foreign competitors are aware of the local enterprises. It is unavoidable that the management and expansion of the multinational companies in China and the contraction of local enterprises are just right. Compared to the situation.