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Technical Director

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Work location:

Shen Zhen

Job nature:





Talent recruitment

Years of Service:

3-5 years



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Job Description
1. Participate in the formulation of the company's business strategy, plan the company's technological development path, evaluate the technology of all products and big data platforms, and plan the technical architecture;
2. Responsible for the technical architecture design, formulation of technical specifications, improvement of development processes, standardization construction, and preparation, organization, and management of various internal directory documents for all products (PC, app, H5), core systems, internal management systems, etc. of the company;
3. Responsible for formulating project plans and coordinating various stages of project development or implementation, as well as departmental resources, to grasp the overall progress of the project, including optimization and reconstruction of existing architecture and technology;
4. Responsible for organizing core system technology research and research, organizing the formulation and implementation of major technical decisions and solutions;
5. Develop a highly available implementation scheme for the security system, including network architecture, daily maintenance mechanism, disaster recovery scheme, etc;
6. Responsible for establishing information technology and management plans;
7. Starting from market and customer needs, continuously optimize and upgrade external business platforms to achieve the company's online business operation goals;
8. Responsible for the technical ability training and daily management of technical staff in the department;
9. Heroes based on results can establish echelons and cultivate successors.
Job requirements:
1. More than 4 years of experience in Internet enterprises, SaaS platform and Internet plus enterprise services, with high entrepreneurial enthusiasm, able to withstand pressure and challenges;
2. Responsible for coding work such as front-end and back-end system architecture design, database structure design, and business logic abstraction;
3. Possess the planning ability for products and technical solutions, the development ability for core modules and functional features of products, the research and development ability for big data, machine learning, retrieval, and blockchain applications, as well as the ability to solve key technical problems;
4. Proficient in mastering and deeply understanding one or two types of NoSql, such as MongoDb, Redis, Hadoop, and those with experience in massive data mining are preferred;
5. Strong management ability and good technical skills. Proficient in agility, proficient in development based on languages such as Java, C++, PHP, Python,. net, Lua, Js, and familiar with layered architecture systems based on Spring cloud, Nodejs, Nginx+Lua, Soa;
6. Familiar with the internet industry, with a deep understanding of internet technology and trends, and rich field experience;